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By 2014, just two years after River Drive aligned a barrel focus, online shopping had already taken over commerce. Sure, we were running a business that sold products based off of centuries old concepts and designs with wooden barrels, but that didn’t mean our sales program had to reflect the same. We set out to create the first online sales platform for barrels, and in 2015 was launched.

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The concept was simple; Post our entire inventory online and allow brewers and distillers to shop through like a grocery store. A few of these and a few of those, and within minutes a customer could have two gin barrels, four bourbon, and a maple syrup barrel headed to their loading dock.

We believe in a straight forward, helpful, and consultative approach. We didn’t want to play games, hide prices, cold call, or make pushy sales. We wanted a brewer who awoke from an amazing beer dream in the middle of the night to have the ability to turn right to his smart phone at 2:00 a.m. and order six vanilla extract barrels for an oatmeal stout he just dreamt about called Nana’s Cookies. Ok, so maybe Nana’s Cookies is just a dream, but we have made 2:00 a.m. iPhone ordering possible!

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The one-stop barrel shop hosts a wide array of inventory. Not just from our warehouses, but sources all around the country. We also wanted to give our customers an outlet for selling their barrels. Distilleries and barrel brokers are invited to show the world what they have to offer. This not only gives our clients a much wider selection, but also gives them the possibility to buy the barrels that are closest to them, saving on shipping costs.

Did someone say shipping? Oh right, that was us. Anyway… is more than just barrel sales, it’s also a global barrel logistics network. The system coordinates shipping barrels all across the world. Even if they’re not barrels we sold, we still invite anyone to utilize our logistics network to ship their barrels to and fro at great prices. All we need is the pickup and delivery zip codes to get you a quick and free quote.

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Boasting such a wide variety of barrels isn’t always easy on us. We continuously monitor barrels to ensure they remain at peak freshness and free of infection. Inventory is always changing, and some days the warehouse looks more like a coordinated dance of barrels rolling in and out. Those on our mailing list get first glimpse at all of the new arrivals. Feel free to check out the site, click around, and submit a selection of barrels for a no commitment quote!

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