Custom Aging Platform

Quality, Consistency, & Full Control


Our Custom Aging Platform is a multi-faceted approach that tailors the oak profiles and flavor characteristics to accentuate the sophisticated complexities of the aging process.

Key variable seasoning is an integral part of the Custom Aging Platform™. This utilizes Fiber Infusion Technology™ (F.I.T.™) to achieve a full cell molecular infusion of a desired profiles deep into the fibers of the wood. Quickly and efficiently mirroring the characteristics and profiles oak develops after years of aging a wine or spirit.

When failure is not an option.

Used to build specific profiles and complexities within the wood, while avoiding the unknown variables that come with traditional aging programs.


F.I.T.™ allows for an advective mass transfer of character properties into the fibers of the wood while simultaneously bringing forward tannins and compounds deep within the oak. These products not only contribute the natural compounds within the wood, but they also allow for development of unique profiles resulting from the seasoning process; The best of both worlds.

Built on a foundation of core values

QualityConsistency, and Control. Three key factors typically unpredictable with conventional aging platforms. The seasoning process uses actual spirits and all natural ingredients; Making marketing and formulas as straightforward and easy as traditional aging.


Frequently Asked Questions

We can infuse custom flavor profiles into:

  • Barrels of any size or type
  • Barrel Alternatives, such as staves, cubes, spirals, and chips.
  • Beans, such as Coffee and Vanilla
  • Almost anything, just ask!

The process has been engineered to follow TTB regulations, while also infusing authentic spirit and other flavor profiles into the products. Real spirits, real ingredients!

  1. Choose your format, i.e. Barrel, Alternative, or other.
  2. Choose your Species, i.e. American Oak, French Oak, or other.
  3. Choose your base; Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Wine, Brandy, Neutral, or any other spirit.
  4. (Optional) Choose your accent flavors, i.e. Vanilla, Cherry, Maple, or others.

For example:

American Oak barrels with Cinnamon Whiskey

French Oak Cubes with Cranberry Gin

Oak chips with Coffee Brandy (with your own favorite roast!)

Or build your very own formula. We can use nearly any ingredient, including those exempt from TTB formulas.

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