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Old barrels are more than just aging hunks of wood. Furniture, projects, yard decorations; whatever your mind can create can be enhanced by the unique beauty of oak barrels. Our furniture grade old barrels are sourced from prior spirit and wine aging processes, so each one has its own character. See below for some examples!

Old barrels

Design Inspiration

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Here are a few examples and ideas for projects from old barrels, produced by our shop at our headquarters. Use these as inspiration for your own projects using our cull barrels as material, or purchase these items from us directly at our products website, You can click on a picture to view the item directly in our shop.

Have an idea that you don’t see in our shop but don’t want to work on yourself? We’d love to hear about it – send us an email with details and we’ll be in touch soon.

Half Barrel Coffee Table
Available at

Canada Barrel Flags
Available at

Cribbage Board/Coasters/Bottle Opener
Available at


Tasting Flight Glass Holder
Available at

Betsy Ross Wine Barrel Flags
Available at

Half Barrel End Table With Removable Top
Available at

Colorado State Flag
Available at

Tasting Flight Glass Holder
Available at

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