Looking for information about oak flavor profiles, how to inspect barrels, or other barrel wisdom? With many years in the cooperage and barrel distribution industry, we aim to share our hard-earned tips and tricks with you to help you get the most out of your barrel aging project. Have a question you can’t find the answer to on our site? Drop us a message on our Contact page and we’ll be in touch!



Ready to take your barrel program to the next level? While our primary day to day revolves around distributing high quality barrels, we also offer a variety of services that leverage our cooperage experience to complement your program. Cooperage classes of varying levels, custom barrels, and shipping logistics of large orders are a few of the specialized services available.

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Oak flavors, barrel alternatives, tools – if you’re just getting started with your barrel aging journey, this is a great place for intro information.


Are you a homebrewer or a brewery setting up a pilot program for barrel aging? Here are some small format options for oak aging – each with their own unique advantages. Read more about small format aging here.


Along with our printable resources, we offer educational videos to show you various cooperage tips.

Barrel Health

If you run a barrel program of any size, you know the importance of good barrel health and the losses that can happen if something goes wrong – not only the barrel, but all the delicious product that it houses. Below are some printable and video resources for you and your teams to use when receiving barrels and as an ongoing check as barrels work through your program.

5 Step Barrel Inspection Thumb


A printable poster of our 5-step barrel inspection process.

Barrel Anatomy


A printable poster showing the major components of a barrel’s anatomy.

Barrels Direct Videos


A collection of our cooperage videos showing each step of the inspection and more.


Ready to take your barrel program to the next level? We offer 3 levels of cooperage classes, starting with the basics and ending in a hands-on, in-depth training on site.


A selection of services designed to enhance your barrel program and empower your team in a variety of ways. Training, custom flavor profiles, and custom-built barrels are all part of our enhanced services aimed at making taking your program from acceptable to incredible. Our cloud-based barrel program tracking system will be available this year to help you track your inventory, locations, and tasting notes – giving your program insight from start to finish.


With three levels of training to choose from, brewers of all barrel program levels can gain new knowledge.

The Barrel Lab

Choose from a variety of base barrels and customize a custom flavor profile for your project.


Get the most out of your barrel program with our remote or on-site consulting – barrel health, flavor profiles, and more.