Barrel Aging Homebrew

More flavor, more complexity

You’ve made the decision to add some oak flavor, and you have options for barrel aging homebrew: barrel chips, the fastest method; small format barrels, the most traditional way; and oak cubes, imparting strong fresh oak flavor.

Barrel chips for barrel aging homebrew
Small format barrel for barrel aging homebrew
Oak cubes for barrel aging homebrew

You’ve worked hard on your brew, carefully selecting the malts, hops, and yeast to create the exact flavors you’re seeking. You’ve spent hours meticulously controlling the brewing process and days watching the fermentation work it’s magic.

But this isn’t your first rodeo, and you want more. More flavor, more complexity, something different to show off to your homebrew loving friends. Which brought you here. You’re ready for the adventure of barrel aging homebrew.

Need some help deciding which method you want to use for your barrel aging homebrew journey? Check out our Small Format Oak Aging resource page for information on each of the products listed above. For more in depth oak flavor information, visit our Oak & Aging resource page. Here’s a blog post with a great breakdown of how oak affects homebrew flavor.

As always, reach out with any questions you may have – we have a barrel of experience (punny stuff right there) we’ll happily share!

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