Cubes – 3lb Sample Pack


Provides oak characteristics of a new barrel:

  • Enhances color & mouthfeel
  • Structure for aromatic integration & complexity
  • Easily installed and removed

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Oak Origins

These barrel Cubes consist of French Oak (Quercus Sessilis), from the Center of France, and American Oak (Quercus Alba), Midwest of United States of America Grain Selection Barrel quality, premium tightly grained.

Aging Toasting Method

Barrel cubes are naturally seasoned in the Carneros region of Sonoma, CA for a minimum of two years. Proprietary convection oven toasting. Available Toast Levels Light, Medium, Medium Plus, Plus Plus* *Light and Plus Plus Toast available in French Oak only.


Secondary fermentation, post fermentation & pre-bottle enhancement Addition Rate One three pound bag is the equivalent of a fifty three gallon barrel. Contact Time Suggested minimum contact time of one month. Full extraction after twelve months.


Cubes measure 0.5″ X 0.5″ X 0.5″


Barrel cubes come packaged in a three pound vacuum sealed bag which offers an indefinite shelf life.  Unused cubes can be stored in a resealable bag after opening the vacuum sealed bag.

Volume Discount

A 10% discount will be applied to orders of seven or more Barrel Packs.

Fiber Infusion TechnologyTM

Fiber Infusion TechnologyTM is part of our accelerated Custom Aging Platform. To make a long scientific explanation short, we use selected barrels to rapidly age a spirit or solution of your choice. To clarify, this is not a “soak”. F.I.T. creates an advective mass transfer of profiles, allowing the oak to pick up the desired spirit profiles, while not losing its own tannins and profiles. This process mirrors months or years of aging and uses a much smaller amount of product. Breweries all over North America take advantage of our Custom Aging Platform to diversify their barrel programs and meet increased demand. One of our largest projects included 200 gin seasoned bourbon barrels, used by Stone & Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. for their NxS IPA Collaboration last summer. Additional benefits also include our Barrel Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantees you’ll receive a healthy, leak free, worry free barrel.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in
F.I.T.™ Flavor Profile

Bourbon, Brandy, Chardonnay, Gin, Maple Syrup, Merlot, Natural, Port, Rum, Rye Whiskey, Sauvignon Blanc, Sherry, Tequila


American, French

Toast Level