Looking for small format aging solutions like chips, cubes, or small barrels for homebrew, pilot, and small batch systems? We offer a wide selection of spirit options in cubes and Barrel Chips™ as well as a large selection of new and used barrels to fit your needs!

Each product has it’s own unique flavor characteristics – see below for more info to help you choose the best solution for your aging project.

Barrel Chips

All the benefits of the barrel without the headaches!

This method allows access to all layers of wood at the same time; Charred, toasted, and fresh oak. Chip usage can be highly controlled for consistency and quality.

Sold by the pound
Suggested Usage: 2-4 oz per 5 gal.
Unused chips may be resealed and stored.

Barrel Chips Provide All The Oak Characteristics of a Barrel:

  • Enhances color & mouthfeel
  • Structure for aromatic integration & complexity
  • Easily installed and removed
  • Chips are sold by the pound
Barrel Flavor Alternatives
Wet spirit soaked barrels chipped up and sealed in plastic bags.

Buy Barrel Chips

Premium tightly grained barrel cubes

Barrel Cubes

Barrel cubes are naturally seasoned in the Carneros region of Sonoma, CA for a minimum of two years.

Addition Rate
For 100% new barrel of impact of a 225L barrel use one bag per 600 gallons.

0.5 to 1.5 lbs per 31 gallons – 7.5 to 15 lbs per 300 gallons

Contact Time

The suggested minimum contact time is one month. You will receive full extraction after twelve months.

Provides oak characteristics of a new barrel:

  • Enhances color & mouthfeel
  • Structure for aromatic integration & complexity
  • Easily installed and removed


Looking to start a big project? Try our tank sized pack of Barrel Cubes Today!


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Oak Mini Barrels

Looking to incorporate some barrels into your home brewing operation? Want to get into small-batch distilling? Then our mini oak barrels are perfect for you.  While they’re much smaller than our full-size barrels, our mini barrels still possess the tasting characteristics of our larger oak barrels.  Sizes range from one liter all the way up to five gallons and are perfect for your homebrew barrel aging or distilling project.

Product info:

  • New and charred inside
  • Includes bung
  • Includes spigot
  • Includes stand
Mini oak barrels
Mini Barrels

Get your own Mini Barrel

Making a small or specialty batch? Our Mini Barrels are just what you need!