Cooperage Videos

Oak Barrel Anatomy 101

Matt explains and illustrates the parts that make up oak wine and spirit barrels.

Barrel Inspection Step 1 – Exterior

Matt goes over the first step in our Barrel Inspection process, the exterior barrel inspection.

Barrel Inspection Step 2 – Pressure

Matt explains the pressure test and how to check for leaks.

Barrel Inspection Step 3 – Internal

Matt discusses how and what to look for in the internal inspection.

Barrel Inspection Step 4 – Odor

Matt discusses the odor inspection – what to look for and what is a sign that the barrel may have problems.

Barrel Inspection Step 5 – Deoxygenate

Matt explains the last step of the process, deoxygenation for storage or use.

Cooperage Kit

Make your barrel inspections and repairs easier with our purpose-built cooperage toolkit.

Breaking Barrels: Understanding the Flavors and Common Compounds of Barrel Aging

Matt gives a live seminar at Craft Beer Professionals 2021 Spring Virtual Conference discussing the complex flavors that can be achieved with oak aging.

Interested in learning more about barrels?

Check out these short infographics to learn about barrel anatomy and inspection.

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