River Drive® Deluxe Cooperage Barrel Tool Kit


The Barrel Tool Kits include the following items:

– 1 Scratch Awl

– 1 Cooper’s Hammer

– 1 Carpenter’s Pencil

– 1 Pencil Sharpener

– 1 Lumber Crayon

– 1 Chisel

– 1 Head Puller

– 1 Hoop Driver

– 1 Piece of Chalk

– 1 Barrels Direct Branded Pen W/Built In Flashlight

The kit comes with a carrying case for all the tools as well so it is easy and convenient to transport and keep everything together.

All of these items are hand selected and custom tailored tools for the job. They are altered from the original production state in order to be as efficient and safe as possible.

Pricing for the tool kits is as follows: 1-3 kits are $250 each and 4+ kits are $200 each.