5 Step Barrel Inspection







Let's Have a Look at the Barrel Inspection Process

Here is a look at how we to perform barrel inspections. These inspections are crucial for ensuring that the barrel has no damage or imperfections that could lead to leaks, bacteria, or off flavors during the barrel aging process.

1. Exterior Inspection

  1. Are all bands present?
  2. Do rivets align with bung
  3. Is the bung sealed?
  4. Are there any holes or damage?
  5. Are all the bands snug?

2. Pressure Check

  1. Leave bung intact.
  2. Use 1/8 in drill bit to drill through bung.
  3. Listen and feel for airflow.

3. Interior Inspection

  • – Shine light through bung.
  • – Inspect interior.
  • – Inside should be clean.
  • – No mold.
  • – No critters or bugs.

4. Odor Check

  • – Slowly Smell barrel interior.
  • – No vinegar smell
  • – No nail polish remover smell
  • – No acetone or solevent smell
  • – No artificial butter smell
  • – No mildew 

5. Deoxygenate

  • – Use the barrel immediately, or purge with inert gas (i.e. Nitrogen, Argon,C02, or Ozone).
  • – Then seal and safely store.

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