Big Bourbon Impact – With or Without the Barrel!

The shortage of new and freshly emptied bourbon barrels has been all over the news, sending distilleries and breweries scrambling. Luckily we’ve got great news!

Bourbon Cube Barrel Socks

With our Custom Aging Platform™, we’re able to provide new American Oak cubes, toasted to spec and seasoned with custom blends of real bourbon. These products are already being used in all reaches of the globe by industry-leading Winemakers, Brewers, and Distillers. All reaches of the globe because, compared to barrels, they’re also far less expensive to ship!

Partial to certain bourbon brands? Allow us to cater to you, mirroring your favorite blends. 

For example, but not limited to:

BrandMash BillBarrel Proof
Blantons75% / 15% Rye125
Heaven Hill78% Corn / 10% Rye125
Woodford Reserve72% Corn / 18% Rye125

Bourbon Cubes are available in two convection toast levels, which both combine with and complement the chosen spirit. Convection Toast = Consistent flavor profiles. 

Quality +

Consistency +

Control =

Fiber Infusion Technology – F.I.T.™

American Medium





Oatmeal w/ Honey

Graham Cracker



American Medium Plus







Graham Cracker





Additional Details:

  1. Use – Short and extended aging and pre-bottle enhancement – best used in conjunction with Innerstave’s Accuro micro-oxygenation device
  2. Addition Rate – For that “Fresh Empty Bourbon” barrel impact use 1 Barrel Sock per 53-gallon neutral barrel or 1 Tank Pack per 600 gallons. This recommendation could change depending on contact time.
  3. Contact Time – Suggested minimum contact time of 1 month – Full extraction after 6-8 months
  4. Size – Cubes measure 0.5” x 0.5” x 0.5”  – 6.81 sq. ft./ Barrel Sock – 68.10 sq. ft./ Tank pack –

Innerstaves Premium Oak Cubes

Innerstaves Premium Oak Cubes are intended for producers looking to lower the extraction times of barrels and staves while increasing the elegance and flavor complexity impact from chips & fines. Oak Cubes are packaged in 1.5lb Barrel Socks or 15 lb Tank Packs.

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