Step aside cheese. Winemakers have found a new pairing!

Innovative aging through traditional solutions.

Bourbon barrel wine

While the barrel isn’t new, the way winemakers view them is evolving. Eying the trends of the worlds most appealing and best selling craft beer, we see reds and whites, of all different varietals, being paired with freshly used barrels. From rich bourbon barrel wine like Cabernets to decadent tequila barrel Sauvignons, the spirits emerge from deep within the wood to add an unparalleled level of complexity and body. Rum barrels deliver a mouthwatering sweetness; a rye barrel will bring its classic spice. Aging options now soar miles beyond just a handful of wood species, while creating inarguable reputations amongst passionate liquid artisans around the world.

Innovation at its finest, tradition at its purest.

Craft brewer tasting his bourbon barrel beer

Aging wine in spirit barrels isn’t new – winemakers have used bourbon barrels for decades when new oak has been in short supply. As craft beer and specialty spirits continue to grow across the globe, brewers and distillers began to see the barrel differently. Many producers select freshly used barrels as carefully as any other ingredient. These craftsmen rest, age, and finish their goods for years, maybe months, and sometimes just weeks. Their liquid art evolves within the wood, picking up flavors of spirits past and developing award-winning profiles.

It isn’t a secret that the wooden barrel is no longer a necessity for the alcohol industry, though its utility is still often preferred. With the advent of steel, some producers have long separated from wood. But stave and steel were never meant to be equals. While bourbon distillers and winemakers cherish the unmatched profiles built by the tannins and compounds within virgin wood, there’s another world that patiently waits for these hand-me-downs.

For centuries, Scotch and Irish Whisk(e)y makers have reveled in the treasures that some may see as trash. From the Emerald Isle to Islay, across the Highlands, and down the River Spey, used bourbon barrels, spent wine barriques, and decades-old Sherry and Porto casks are the lifeblood to some of the worlds most noted spirits and create new flavors like those in bourbon barrel wine. These barrels add unmatched character when reused, each creating an awe-inspiring and historic journey for the tastebuds.

At a fraction of the price, quality fresh used barrels can also deliver monumental ROI’s when compared to the cost of a virgin barrel, not to mention the authentic stories each and every barrel carries with them.

Just like a virgin barrel, there’s never any excuse for leaky, infected, or pour quality cooperage. Learn more about our 5 Point Barrel Inspection that ensures each and every barrel arrives with an industry-leading Barrel Quality Guarantee.

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