Whiskey Goods Shop


Originating as a reclaimed lumber company, we searched the dark depths of lakes and rivers for logs lost in the days of the river drives. Though our salvages were successful, the process of recovering sunken logs is extremely laborious, costly, and heavily restricted by local, state, and federal agencies. It’s certainly not how it’s portrayed on TV, and we knew there had to be a better way.

Working with companies large and small from all around the world, we buy, sell, recondition, and recycle used oak barrels. We’ve revolutionized the world of reclaimed barrels, and engineer new and better ways to produce highly unique and quality products. From something as simple as a bottle opener, all the way to the flooring in a 1,000 sq/ft restaurant in the heart of Dubai, U.A.E., we work directly with cooperages, distilleries, and breweries. 100% of every barrel we take in is recycled. Any piece of wood that we are unable to use for a product is saved and burned in the furnace to warm us in the winter.

River Drive invites you to join us in preserving and appreciating the historic value that surrounds each of our one of kind and irreplaceable pieces!