CBC 2024 Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!

If you’re here, you’ve very likely received one of our handy dandy, pocket sized (actually, the size of a deck of cards!) Barrels Direct Blackjack Strategy Guides! If you stumbled on this and don’t have one, be sure to stop by the booth and get yours.  These guides are printed on waterproof, tear resistant polyester paper – (ab)use them with confidence during your Vegas adventures while attending CBC.

A couple notes about the guide:

  • This is set up for 4 or more decks in play
  • Dealer hits on soft 17
  • Double after split is allowed
  • Surrender is not allowed

Remember that these are a basic strategy card and the house edge is real – use this as a foundation to build your skills and learn more beyond it! As always, gamble responsibly and have fun – that’s the point! Hope to see you out there.

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